Welcome to VideBus! We are based in Echuca, Victoria, Australia…….. – previously from South Blackburn, Melbourne.!… This website is currently under re-construction – please excuse any dead links! River TV is coming soon, please click on the links to visit its site…..

Website Under Re-construction – Please excuse any dead links!

VideBus was born out of producing and contributing to a number of Community Television programs that were telecast on C31 Melbourne between 1996 and 2007. Now, VideBus produces a number of Web Video projects and assists Sporting Clubs with their Video Scoreboards and also Public Address System and Video Projector setup and operation. etc.

One of our main projects was the “Transit” Community TV show, produced between 1996 and 1998, and three associated specials produced in 1997, 2002 & 2003. In addition, I have also assisted with many more Community TV Programs made by other producers in various crew roles and I have also made some “one off” specials from time to time.  

In 2007/08, I assisted with the production of the “inline Plus” TV show, after producing the pilot episode.  The series was then produced by John Powell.  In 2019/20, I took back “inline Plus” and produced a further 4 episodes.

In 2016 and 2017, I produced coverage of the “Stonnington Gift”, using a crew of Northern Access Television members.

In 2021, I have started a new project “River TV” in Echuca / Moama. This project will commence in the near future.

Transit DVDs for sale.

The programs that make up the “Transit” series and associated specials are now available to buy on a 4 DVD set for a special clearance price of $10 posted. Click here for details of how to get your copy!

Our work at the moment is confined to the various clubs we volunteer for. Therefore, we don’t currently offer any Video Services to the general public.

Are you in Echuca / Moama?

Then you might be interested in being part of the “River TV” project!
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