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Published on November 27, 2012

SkatePaceTV-600pixwide was a project started in 2009 – which was intended to be a new Inline Speed Skating based Community TV show on C31 Melbourne and associated community TV stations interstate by 2010. The domain name has now expired.


During the 2009 Skate Victoria Speed Skating season,we started shooting race footage on video to build up material for the show and also for posting to YouTube.


The YouTube posts provided a service appreciated by the skaters, but it was quite a task for me involving long hours of standing behind a video camera and also editing the files for YouTube, often with the added duties of setting up and operating PA and Projector gear.


Michael at Vision Control

A fair bit of effort went into the project, including the designing of a logo for the show by a local graphic designer – which we used on various graphics on the trial videos, and the creation of an “all over print” crew member uniform.


We shot extensive footage of the 2010 National Championships, but unlike at other Speed Skating events during the year, where someone provided an audio commentary for the crowd via the PA and for the video, this event had next to no commentary.  This coupled with a lack of real interest from a lot of those in Skate Victoria to shoot the required segments, etc, saw the TV show idea quickly die.

As a result, I got discouraged and stopped shooting video of the Speed Skating events.  The Nationals footage was never posted to YouTube, but both Skate Victoria and Skate Australia have archival copies of all footage shot on Mini DV tapes.

But seeing I enjoyed the job of setting up the Public Address and Video Projector gear, I continued as a Volunteer for the Branch in that role until November 2011.
I have now resigned from the Speed Skating groups for personal reasons.
Thank you to David McLauchlan, Tom Bridgford, John Stewart from Northern Access TV, and Michael Byrne and Tony Court from Skate Victoria for trying their best to help me get something going.
Apologies to all in the Speed Skating community for not getting the show up and on the air. Sadly, it seems it wasn’t meant to be.
While the TV show did not happen, the YouTube channel is still around – without the branding.  Click below to go to YouTube, and click on Playlists to see the full menu of videos……

Link: Skate Victoria Speed Branch YouTube


Sample coverage provided as part of

Interviews intended for the TV show – with Tony Court

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