Coming Soon!

To mark the end of Free-To-Air Community TV Broadcasts, a special web video – “From Bylands to Stonnington – A 20 year journey on TV” will be in production soon.
It will be a video that looks back at the best of my Community TV productions over the period 1996 to 2016, and explains a little bit about how the programs came about, and the conditions under which they were made. The program will also include some clips from things I have contributed to other people’s shows, and a glimpse of how the programs looked on TV when they were first broadcast.
This video will help show my progression from early programs shot on domestic equipment to the semi-professional content of today. Each year, things got a bit better, and improvement can be seen over my 20 year journey on Community TV, both in technical equipment used and my skill level as a producer.
Keep an eye on this page for pre-release portions of the video as they are made, and then the finished product when it is ready!