We have a wide variety of Public Address and Video Projection equipment at our disposal to assist community and sporting groups. All such groups are welcome to contact us with their proposed use of our equipment. In some cases, we
may consider doing this work as volunteers.


Please see this brochure for details of equipment we have.


Please note:- This equipment will be operated on site by us, and “dry hire” will not be considered. Eastern suburbs work is preferred.


Video Scoreboard Operation

Please click here for details of our recent operation of the Toorak Park video scoreboard at the 2015 Stonnington Gift.

Service as provided to Skate Victoria Speed Branch (2009 to 2011)


VideBus provided a Video Projector system to Skate Victoria Speed Branch as volunteers for a few years.


The Projector Display was used to provide Timing Information (during Time Trials), Live Video & Finish Camera Replays (during races), Information Slides, etc to the crowd and the skaters at the Dandenong Netball Stadium.


VideBus (with the Speed Branch) had full facilities to run the display, including Projector, Vision Mixer, Laptop Computers and Cameras.


When required, we also provided basic Public Address equipment for the events as well, with both an Indoor and Outdoor PA system available.

This video shows how the projector system operated