Stonnington Gift (2016/7)

As part of our volunteer work with the Prahran Cricket Club, VideBus operated a Live Video and Information Display on the David Mandie Scoreboard at Toorak Park on 20th February, 2015.

The service provided included pictures from two live cameras, a graphics computer and a VCR linked via a Vision Mixer. Graphics mainly consisted of the names of those in upcoming races during the heats. For the semi-finals and finals, replays were provided after the race from the VCR. Vision of each race was provided live, along with vision of presentations, etc, taking place on the oval.

Videos posted on the web of our coverage, and our scoreboard operation

Next year, we will aim to improve the service we provide further, as this year’s effort was a bit of a “last minute” rush job. Further graphics will be provided for sponsors of races, and the number of replays will be incresed. A possibility of taking a feed from the official VAL finish camera will also be worked on.

More videos and photos will be posted soon…..