Inline Plus TV (2007/8 – 2019/21)

Michael Costello was the founder of Inline Plus TV, and produced the pilot episode in 2007. However, when the series was produced in 2008, the Producer role was taken over by John Powell for various reasons. Michael still had a major role in the series by editing in the graphics on the various episodes and the major task of duplication and distribution of Mini DV copies of the episodes for the various outlets that took the show.  In addition, Michael uploaded the “teaser” stories to the YouTube channel, and later posted all episodes of the show to the site.  This was the first major upload to YouTube that he was involved with.

Inline Plus TV aired on C31 Melbourne, C31 Adelaide, QCTV Brisbane, BCC TV Ballarat, Triangle TV Auckland & Stratos TV New Zealand in 2008 – and later on WTV Perth when Community TV returned to the City in 2010.

Link: Inline Plus TV site